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3 key BIBA trends in transforming customer experience

23rd May 2017
HUGHUB's BIBA hearts in a glass bowl

Following our first visit to BIBA 2017, we wanted to thank all that came to see us and follow up by sharing the key HUGHUB themes that emerged from our conversations and demonstrations held at the conference.

Top 3 BIBA themes:

1. Seizing the digital opportunity

There is a real desire to bring together the best of new technology, creating an environment that harnesses the full power of your customer data.

Unifying functionality from existing systems by applying new FinTech capability. Transforming the previously siloed channels, legacy applications and underlying policy management systems. Providing a single, seamless brand experience.

2. Simply better customer experience

It is clear that customer experience is becoming the new battleground.

With businesses wanting to deliver a fully branded, intuitive customer experience that enables self-management, personalised to the individual, responsive to customer behaviour.

Using data intelligently, ensuring customers feel known, recognised and valued, with marketing activity tailored, timely and targeted.

3. Delivering omnichannel integration

Customers are now using multiple channels in building and servicing their protection products. This has created a rising need to deliver a singular experience across multiple channels – whether the customer interaction is online, mobile, through a contact centre or in branch.

How can HUGHUB help your business?

Our platform offers many benefits for you and your customers – increasing customer value and driving down operational costs, whilst delivering greater ease and relevance across your services and touchpoints.

By placing customers at the heart of your business, HUGHUB unlocks the real value to be gained from offering families full protection.

HUGHUB delivers, flexibility, speed and efficiency:

• Insurance product agnostic – working across all general insurance (commercial or personal), life and health
• Provides all functional journeys – sales, service and claims
• Across all servicing channels – digital, mobile and voice
• Integration across a full range of marketing media – digital, mobile, post & voice

Driving increased relevance to your customers – through personalisation and an experience that responds to their behaviour.

Better overall performance for you and better service for your customers.

Let’s create a simply better customer experience within financial services. HUGHUB would be delighted to see how we can help you meet your business challenges today.