Seamless, omnichannel integration.

HUGHUB delivers a singular, omnichannel experience across multiple channels, maintaining high standards and consistency in approach – whether the customer interaction is online, mobile, through contact centre or in branch.

HUGHUB unifies functionality from existing core systems and applies new InsurTech capabilities, integrating disparate channels into one seamless and flexible experience.

As expert insurance software vendors, we have developed data-driven environment interfaces with existing technology stacks, so no existing IT infrastructure needs to be changed and no previous investment is wasted.

  • Creating an optimised experience, whatever channel or device is used
  • Delivering relevance and data-driven performance.
  • Harnessing the power of your customer data and deploying it across all channels, including your contact centre or branch network.
diagram of four pillars becoming one pillar

HUGHUB Agent View

One key element is HUGHUB Agent View, which empowers the contact centre or branch advisor to recognise the customer and provide a better, more informed experience.

Agent View provides access to our single customer view and the full customer relationship (product holdings and quote history), including a history of previous customer interaction and communication.

Additionally, the agent will receive intelligent prompts – bespoke to each customer – aiding the conversation and relevant action.

  • All your customers’ protection in one place. One view. Easily managed.
A computer screen showing the HUGHUB agent view

Delivering improved customer conversations

HUGHUB Agent View offers a variety of other services to enable the delivery of a simply better experience for the customer.

With contact history, the agent can increase context and relevance for the customer by accessing a simple visual timeline of:

  • Recent communications sent to the consumer (such as email, SMS or post).
  • Customer interaction with the brand, such as in-bound calls for servicing or claims events, or even browsing on digital properties.

Our notes function enables agents to create new notes – but also search and access previous notes – at a product and customer level, ensuring each customer communication is both informed and effective.

  • Increasing customer and agent satisfaction
A computer screen showing the customer conversations

Intelligent prompts

Agent View also enables contact centre or branch agents to access intelligent prompts (or next-best actions) prioritising ‘targeted’ guidance as to the next most effective course of action once the core customer need has been met. Driven from HUGHUB CRM, these rule-based activities are bespoke to each brand and can be managed within HUGHUB or by the client directly.

Next best actions may include:

  • Conversion activity – where a customer has an outstanding ‘live’ quote
  • Upsell prompts – where a consumer may not have selected accidental damage on home, breakdown or on car insurance.
  • Cross-sell tips – using previous browsing interest or data-insight (such as renewal month, collected through data collation, or external data being appended).

These actions could also highlight data collection opportunities for key data such as; missing renewal date, collecting marketing preferences, or even negative prompts such as informing the agent of ‘no-go’ areas – for example, ‘not-to’ sell to if the customer has a live claim or complaint, or if the customer falls outside the target-audience.

  • Delivering a better customer experience and improved productivity.
  • Intelligent renewal tip personalised to the user
  • Intelligent conversation tip personalised to the user
  • Intelligent discount tip personalised to the user