Dynamic technology platform

HUGHUB brings together the best of new technology, creating an insurance software which harnesses the full power of your customer data – delivering both competitive advantage and improved performance.

Our underlying principle is that HUGHUB is a functional platform. Enabling a simply better experience for consumers to satisfy protection needs (to enquire, buy, service, claim and renew) in an easy and intuitive way.

Our platform is designed to be insurance product agnostic and can work with any back office system or rating engines. It enables an on-brand site for each broker and simple, customer specific marketing campaigns.

Data can be migrated/enriched or synced from disparate data sources into a single customer view.

  • Product agnostic, effective, fast and impactful.
Man using a laptop

Continual development and optimisation

HUGHUB’s platform flexibility allows continual optimisation of your marketing activity through to your customer experience – from developing initial landing pages through to improving conversion of core sales or service journeys.

Our data-driven environment can interface with existing technology stacks, so no existing IT infrastructure needs to be changed and no previous investment is wasted.

HUGHUB unifies functionality from existing core systems and applies new InsurTech capabilities.

  • Integrating disparate channels into one seamless and flexible experience.
Server box stack

Full ‘bespoke’ branding

HUGHUB is flexible, creating ‘white-label’ instances bespoke to your business and your brands – adapting corporate livery, logo, style guide or imagery, from customer communications and across the full customer journey. 

  • On-brand for your business and your affinity partners.
Laptops showing different branding on the HUGHUB platform

Adaptive design

HUGHUB’s adaptive design creates an optimised experience across all devices, with each page immediately responding to screen size – prioritising services, re-positioning content, text and images displayed.

  • Delivering low-cost change. Cost effective, fast and impactful.
iPhone, iPad and Laptop showing the responsive sizes of the platform

Single customer view (SCV)

HUGHUB’s Single Customer View consolidates disparate data sources (whether transactional, servicing, behavioural or even external enrichment), delivering a unified view of your customer.

Creating individual customer profiles which enable detailed analysis to help shape answers to business challenges and inform planning – such as customer lifetime value, responder/conversion/ retention analysis or even fraud insight.

  • Consolidating disparate data sources.
Round pie chart with face in the middle

Customer relationship management (CRM)

HUGHUB CRM includes our innovative ‘Rules Engine’, which controls all customer engagement.

Designed to present information specific to each and every individual customer (driven by the customer’s individual profile) with bespoke web pages and personalised communications constructed to engage with the specific requirements of each individual customer.

Creating a truly relevant and compelling customer engagement.

  • The age of insurance websites offering flat, fixed presentations of content, regardless of the individual customer profile, has gone.
  • Personalised home insurance advert example for Jonathan
  • Pet insurance advert from the platform
  • Personalised pet insurance advert example for Jonathan
  • Travel insurance advert from the platform
  • Personalised family insurance advert example for Jonathan
  • Home insurance advert from the platform

HUGHUB Product Builder

HUGHUB Product Builder has been architected to be product agnostic and dramatically improve the time to market – whether deploying smaller tactical change or strategic new product launches. This is achieved by designing HUGHUB as a data-driven environment with absolutely no coding changes, no software testing and no software releases being required to add new insurance products.

  • Creating a real competitive advantage
  • Revolutionising speed to market and resource costs
  • The six non-commercial insurance products on the HUGHUB platform
  • The six commercial insurance products on the HUGHUB platform