Our insurance business software platform places customers at the heart of your business, providing multiple benefits for both you and your customer base alike. From increasing customer value to driving down operational costs, HUGHUB can show you the real value which can be gained from offering families full protection through our central insurance management platform. Using our efficient insurance software allows you to deliver greater ease and relevance across your services and touch-points, for a solution that businesses have been looking for.

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Benefits of central insurance management for business

  • Improved business performance
    See business growth, increased profit and maximised operational efficiency from the simple implementation of insurance software designed to improve internal procedures.
  • Exceptional customer experience
    Build your customer relationships through improved sales and service journeys. Display your businesses intuitiveness, relevance and ease thanks to your simplified software.
  • Enhanced conversions, cross and upselling
    utilise our intelligent marketing and drive through the customer journey to make the most of any potential opportunities which arise.
  • Increased retention
    Form deeper relationships with your customers, keeping them more connected and engaged through your improved customer experience procedures.
  • Greater customer lifetime value
    Another insurance software benefit is the ability to provide even more value to your customers through improved multi-product holding, encouraging retention and profitability.
  • Lower operational costs
    With the use of flexible technology, speed to market and increased digital self-service, keep your ongoing costs low and cut out any unnecessary expenses.
  • Creating a dynamic omnichannel environment
    Unify existing legacy systems and integrate disparate customer channels to provide a uniform central insurance management system which is easy for everyone to use collaboratively.
  • Better business decision-making
    With the assistance of effective performance reporting aided by intelligent customer insight, be more confident in the business decisions you make.
  • Differentiation against competitors
    Take a step ahead in your industry by providing a better service with increased relevance and customer satisfaction.

Insurance software benefits for customers

  • All your insurance in one place
    Dealing with general insurance, life and health insurance or other commercial lines can become confusing. Being able to manage them centrally makes the process simpler and easier.
  • Easy access to protection
    Whenever needed, you are able to access all documents and services when you need them the most thanks to 24/7 access.
  • Simple, convenient and flexible
    The intuitive self-serve portal offering purchase and ongoing service journeys will enable you to easily make any decisions and adjustments with your insurance software.
  • Personalised experience
    The insurance portal recognises value, making customers feel known and understood through the pre-population of data, personalisation and full ‘relationship’ view.
  • Great user experience
    Consistent across all platforms, the online portal is technology and data-enriched to ensure an easier and more effective engagement with the user.
  • Building on the trusted personal relationship
    The HUGHUB portal evolves digital channels to broker standard levels of service, providing you with the professional solution that you have been looking for.