Insurance Business Software

Helping our clients accelerate digital transformation and effectively compete in a digital-first world.

The HUGHUB solution compiles modern technology with valuable data, creating an unrivaled solution in terms of client personalisation and relevance, driving profitability, efficiency and smarter working. Our insurance customer portal is a disruptive solution in the industry, helping our clients accelerate digital transformation to effectively compete in a digital-first world. We have provided a revolutionary and differentiated new way for brokers, insurers and other insurance retailers to present the full range of insurance products and services to customers in both B2C and B2B environments.

HUGHUB offers fully branded, seamless digital insurance business software that takes advantage of increasingly flexible and smart digital capability. Our insurance customer portal gives customers a simple and convenient place to purchase and manage all of their policies, growing the business and improving relationships.

  • An intelligent and intuitive experience, driven by customer needs.
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Insurance Software Solutions

Today’s competitive marketplace presents constant challenges to insurers and brokers.

The competitive marketplace leaves insurance retailers searching for trusted insurance software vendors who can give companies the competitive edge they need. Insurers and brokers are needing to compete to increase their market share and increase profits, finding a differentiated service for their valued customers.

With aggressive competitors, increasing regulatory change, rising customer expectations and the impact of adopting new technology, it is becoming even trickier to stand out on the market. HUGHUB has created market leading insurance business software for harnessing the full power of your customer data. With customers’ being at the heart of a business, offering an easy to use insurance customer portal is vital for customer retention and engagement.

  • Now is the time to take advantage of new technology. 
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On top of delivering value to your company, our insurance business software is a unique customer-centric business platform which places customers at the heart of what you do.

  • Transforms customer interaction and engagement, with a personalised experience.
  • Keeps all insurance in one place, being able to manage any insurance product within their insurance customer portal.
  • Places the customer at the heart of your business and user experience, with easy access to insurance protection 24/7.
  • A simple and flexible insurance software offering purchase and ongoing service journeys.
Hughub web platform

Trusted Insurance Software Vendors

HUGHUB was born from our aspiration to encourage customer engagement within the financial sector, providing protection to them and their families. Managing multiple insurances can be a confusing process, an insurance software to centrally manage these is convenient for customers whilst offering intelligent data to businesses.

If you want to experience the benefits of an insurance customer portal for yourself, HUGHUB are proud to help your business with your digital transformation. If you have any queries or are considering working with insurance software vendors to provide you with the ideal solution, contact us to speak to one of the team or book a demo directly.


Why Use an Insurance Customer Portal?

As insurance software vendors looking to supercharge your customer engagement, we have provided an effective solution helping to:

  • Enhance business performance and improve profitability from maximised operational efficiency.
  • Build competitive advantage against competitors to increase customer retention and engaged customers.
  • Increase customer lifetime value, with improved multi-product holding encouraging retention.
  • Better business decision making from insurance software aided by customer insight.